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All the things you didn’t know you knew

All the things you didn’t know you knew

Heather from Shank You Very Much recently tagged me to do her All the Things You Didn’t Know You Knew tag, which challenges you to come up with a fact about yourself for each letter of the alphabet.

That’s actually a lot of things. And X and Z are real bastards.

Anyway, here it is – lots of stuff you didn’t know (and probably don’t need to know) about the person behind the Popple.

A – Awkward

I’m incredibly socially awkward, but I can hide it pretty well. If I met you at a party, you would probably wouldn’t get the sense that I was uncomfortable, but chances are I’d be counting the minutes until I could go hide from you in the loo.

B – Breastfeeding

I recently wrote about how I accidentally ended up breastfeeding my daughter for nearly two years. I’m not advocating that all other mothers do the same, but if you find yourself breastfeeding way longer than you intended, rest assured that it’s not weird.

C – Cheese

My favourite food. The prefect topping to pretty much anything. The main reason that I could never be a vegan (because, let’s face it – vegan cheese is nasty).

D – Digital content designer

My day job involves writing web content and social media posts – which really should make me a better blogger than I am. I have no excuse.

E – Efficient

If someone asked me to describe myself in one word, this would be it. I’m really good at getting things done really quickly, probably because of my complete and total lack of patience.

F – Fire face

Fire face (noun): A condition that affects extremely pasty people when they are nervous, angry or have had more than two sips of beer, leading to a very obvious red splotch on one or both cheeks that takes several hours to fade. Fire face is an inherited, life-long condition that forces it sufferers to wear their humiliation on their face on a daily basis.

G – Gym

Before I had a baby, I exercised at least five days a week. Now I’m lucky if I make it to the gym twice a month. I’m trying to get better about it, but working and toddlering don’t leave a lot of room for gyming.

H – Hangry

I have a real hanger problem. It’s a low blood sugar thing so it’s totally legit– I’m not just greedy. Luckily, it’s easy to placate the hanger monster with bread products.

I – Islands

I grew up on one (Long Island). So did my husband (Puerto Rico). We live on a giant one (Great Britain). I’ve visited most of the Scottish ones. I don’t like being too far from the ocean.

J – Jacket

When I was a study abroad student at St Andrews, I joined the skydiving team primarily because they had really cool-looking team jackets.

I did exactly one skydive.

It was totally worth it.

K – Katie

Err…that’s my name.

L – Long Island

Me, Adrian and the Popple on the beach - Adrian is throwing the Popple into the air.

I grew up on Long Island, New York, in a town that’s about 10 minutes from the beach and an hour from Manhattan. Long Island has amazing pizza and the booziest ice tea known to man. I miss it sometimes.

M – Mommy/Mummy

I still can’t decide which one I am. I flip back and forth on a daily basis. The Popple calls me Mommy, but if I’m talking to British people, I’d call myself Mummy. Either way, I’m way more Mummy/Mommy than Katie these days.

N – Nocellara olives

Nocellara olives are my favourite type of olive. Yes, I have a favourite olive. I also have a favourite muesli, and you can only buy it at Waitrose.

I bet you wish you didn’t know me now.

O – Open

I feel like I’m pretty open to new experiences, which is why I’ve tried stepping (a rhythmic form of dancing popularised by African American college students), roller derby, writing a novel, studying abroad and watching Spring Breakers.

I recommend all but the last one.

P – Podcasts

I’m a bit podcast obsessed. I’m big into all the ones that middle-class liberals tend to obsess over – This American Life, Serial, S-town, Reveal, The Moth. If you have any suggestions along those lines, hit me up.

Q – Quizzes

Don’t ask me to join your pub quiz team. I have a terrible recall for trivia and will just end up drinking too much beer and shouting wildly incorrect answers at everyone.

R – Roller derby

Me playing roller derby wearing a pink jammer panty

I played roller derby before the Popple was born, and was just starting to get almost good at it when I found out that I was pregnant and had to stop. Full contact sports and housing a small person inside you don’t mix.

S – Sedaris

As in David Sedaris, my favourite writer. If you’ve never read Me Talk Pretty One Day, stop reading this post right now and go order it. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

T – Travel

I love going to new places and having new adventures, even if travelling with a toddler means I have to:

  • Be back at the holiday apartment by 7pm every night
  • Spend most of my time at world heritage sites watching my daughter climb up and down stairs
  • Regularly hightail it out of museums with a screaming child under my arm

U – Ugg boots

I have a pair of really old, now unfashionable Ugg boots sitting in the back of my closet that I just can’t bear to get rid of. God damn, those things are comfortable.

V – Veronica Mars

This is one of my favourite TV shows of all time, despite the fact that it’s about a high school private eye and I’m in my mid-30s.

W – Wavy hair

Me with hair in my face and only one eye showing

I don’t have stylish ‘beachy’ waves, but rather ‘I just got caught in a hurricane’ waves. My hair is a giant, frizzy, tangled nightmare, but I’ve given up on straightening (or even blow drying) it. It’s just going to do what it wants to do.

X – Xylophone

I haven’t played the piano in over 20 years, but when the Popple got a xylophone, I rediscovered my talent for being able to plunk out melodies from my head. I don’t want to brag, but I’m a pretty kick-ass xylophone player.

Y – Yoga

I love yoga, yet I only manage to get to a class about once every other month (see letter G).

Yes, I know I could do yoga videos in my living room, but the meowing cat and pile of toddler toys kind of ruin my ohm vide.

Z – Zero

The number of times I Googled ‘words that start with z’ to try to find something clever to include here.

That’s a lie.

I Googled it twice.

Fancy a go, Tammymum and Two Tiny Hands? Here’s how it works:

  • Read through my post. I know, that seems like a given.
  • Start your own blog post.
  • Fill your alphabet in with things that describe you. Or just random thoughts that start with that letter if your brain decides it doesn’t feel like cooperating.
  • Tag the person who sent this to you and two other bloggers that you’d like to know more about.
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9 thoughts on “All the things you didn’t know you knew”

  • There are so many things here to like that I can’t pick one! First of all, might I say hello fellow cheese lover!!! Second, X and Z are bastards but you did an amazing job getting those filled. And I googled what starts with Z a lot more than two times…
    It’s so cool to see other similarities: I was raised on an island in Hawai’i, I also get hangry, and the gym is a curse word in my vocabulary.

  • Love this. Such good answers. I totally get the xylophone thing – I’m the same. Molly has so many toy instruments and I love them all. My favourites being the xylophone, recorder and drum! I think I take it a little bit too seriously to be honest… haha #familyfun

  • Oooooh boy you have given me a lot to live up to here, but consider it challenge accepted. Can I have A? I am totally the same. Also cheese is the best topping for everything and I have not read Me Talk Pretty One Day, so see ya, off to follow your recommendation. Thanks for joining us lovey #familyfun

  • Lol, this is a fab list – X and Z are very tricky ones to try and do. Fire-face is a nightmare – my sister has a similar problem but her chest also goes bright red too. Lovely to find out a little more about you. I love the roller derby photo – that looks like fun! 🙂 #ablogginggoodtime

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