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My baby needs a home

Me and my brother with POPPLES!

In a few weeks, the Popple will take her first trip to America. Not only will she get to meet lots of family, including her great-grandparents and new cousins – but she’s going to get to see where I’m from. Not only the town, but the actual house where I grew up.

My parents still live in the house where I spent the first 18 years of my life. I can’t wait to show the Popple around.

“This was my room when I was a baby,” I’ll say. “Now it’s primarily the place where the cats poop. See, that wooden box is actually a litter box that’s been cleverly designed to look like a piece of furniture. No no no, we don’t touch that. Get your hand out, please. No touching. Why is your hand in the litter box? Oh, there’s a cat in there. Yes, we can wave at the cat. Hello, cat. Pet her softly, like this – see? Oh dear, you have her tail in your fist.”

I’ll tell her about how that room became my brother’s room when he was born, and I moved into the bigger room next door. I’ll show her that room too – the ceiling that still has glow-in-the dark stars that I could never really see without my glasses, the door I leaned against while I sulked after losing a game of Mall Madness* and the wall I pounded on when I thought I heard my brother turning the pages of his book after bedtime, yelling, “Mom, I can hear Todd reading!”.

I’ll show her the dining room where we ate family meals on picnic benches, the living room where I danced to “Good Lovin’” by The Young Rascals as a toddler and the kitchen where I once filled my mouth with grapes, making my brother laugh so hard that he squirted milk out his nose.

I’ll take her out to the backyard where I spent so many hours as a child. I’ll show her the shed that I helped my dad ‘paint’ with water. I’ll point out the place where I once stepped on two rusty nails in one day. I’ll tell her about the tree that fell down during a hurricane, and how awesome it was to climb all over it.

“We spent a lot of time out here in the summer,” I’ll say. “Summers were hot, you see. There was a lot of sun. We didn’t need to wear waterproofs in June, and everything didn’t go to s**t by August. I swear I’m not making this up.”

I hope that someday I can give the Popple a house that gives her as many memories as mine did. She’s only lived in semi-grotty rented flats so far, but thankfully she’s too young to notice. She deserves to live somewhere where the carpet isn’t stained with God knows what from God knows who, and but it’s more than that.

She deserves a home.

*This was a really f***ed up board game where the goal is to spend all of your money at the mall. It had shops like the Fork It Over Kitchen Store, Yuppy Puppies Pets and Short Circuit Electronics, a nod to the 1986 film about a military robot that is struck by lightning and becomes a lovable robot scamp.

31 thoughts on “My baby needs a home”

  • So lovely to get a little insight into your childhood. It will be so special to take the Popple to see your childhood home and share your memories with her (and record them on here too hopefully!) I hope you both have a wonderful time 🙂

  • I know what you mean – we live in rented flats too and I would love one house to call home in their childhood. But at the same time it’s the memories we create that are important and we can do that anywhere x #fartglitter

    • I keep trying to tell myself that it’s the people that make a home, not the house itself (because it’s true!), but it doesn’t stop me from wishing could raise our daughter in a nicer place. Someday…

  • This brought a lump to my throat. How lovely to be able to share all those childhood memories with your daughter, I can’t wait to do the same with mine. Rented accommodation or not she will have lots of meaningful memories of her own. Also Mall Madness sounds great! I wish I had that growing up. #bigpinklink

    • I loved Mall Madness, but now I see now that encouraging kids to spend money with a credit card probably isn’t a great idea. Not that I thought about any of that when I was younger – I just thought it was cool that the game talked to you when you made a purchase.

  • Oh Popple will love to see your home where you grew up. I was so sad as we used to live in an old cottage but it was knocked down and some big modern house built where it used to sit – I was so so sad to see my childhood home gone before I had a chance to show my children. Enjoy the memories lovely #BigPinkLink

  • Aw I bet you can’t wait! It’s so lovely that you can still visit your childhood home and take a trip with your little one down memory lane. Love the cat dialogue and yes I can totally imagine it playing out like that! Lovely to find out more about you – and thanks for the Short Circuit flashback! I loved Johnny 5 as a kid!

    Thanks for sharing with #FartGlitter x

    • I know exactly how the Popple will act around my parents’ four cats because she harasses ours pretty much non-stop all day. The poor animal is pretty laid back about the whole thing.

  • Oh my goodness, I just had a trip down memory lane! I had a popple and I absolutely loved it!! And short circuit-what a classic!! That aside though, I’m so glad for you that you can take your own little popple to the house you grew up in… All those great memories that you can make so real to her, by showing her the actual places they happened!! I lived in the same house all my life, until I moved out to live with my boyfriend (now my husband!) and even though the house and the area were nothing special, I still would’ve loved to take my children there to show them all of my memories, but my parents moved out of there shortly after I did… I still dream about that house a lot! It’s always ‘home’ in my dreams, like my dream brain can’t get used to the fact I don’t live there anymore, after all that time! I’m sorry that you aren’t happy with where you are bringing your daughter up… I hope that you will find a home you are happy with one day.
    thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

    • It’s weird how attached we can get to our childhood home, isn’t it?

      I’m just tired of living in not-very-nice flats – I don’t expect to live in a mansion, but somewhere less grotty would be nice. I’d also LOVE a kitchen bigger than a tiny closet. Someday…

  • Exciting that you are taking popple back to your childhood home and so fab that you will be able to show her where you grew up! Have fun making lots of wonderful memories – exciting! 🙂 #chucklemums

  • SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. I thought you were a Weegie. Now it emerges you’re from America? Mind blown.

    My parents live about 60 miles away in the house I grew up in. We visit regularly but it still brings a lump to my throat watching the fish with the toddler like I used to do as a kid.

    I’m praying for the cat.


    • Ha! I grew up in NY but have been living in Glasgow for eight out of the last ten years (there were two random years when I was in Chester).

      There are actually FOUR cats in my parents’ house. None of them stand a chance.

  • Ah yes, my toddler doesn’t quite understand cat etiquette! Sounds so lovely…I’m exited for you. And I hope you get the home in the house that you want one day. Are those really called popples? Are they the ones that turn inside out!? Anyway it’s all ahhhh, I love this post #chucklemums

    • Yup, Popples are the stuffed animals that turned inside out. They’ve recently come back into fashion again – I spotted a new Popples show on Netflix where they were computer animated and MUCH skinner than their 80s counterparts.

  • Ah what a lovely post, full of evocative memories of your childhood which your baby will cherish. Have a fab trip to America and I hope you find that home yof all deserve soon. X #chucklemums

  • Home is where the heart is sweetie. Popple won’t remember the rubbish rented flats, just the fun with Mummy as she grows up! Have fun on your trip. Looking forward to hearing all about it ?

  • I feel exactly like this! We live in a rented house at the moment and while it’s nice I’d really like to be settled in our home where we can make our family memories without the fear we’ll be moving anytime soon xx #bigpinklink

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