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Why the Popple is the smartest baby ever

The other day we got the Popple to play with a rattle. We had to stick it in her hand for her and she didn’t seem that interested, but that did nothing to dampen our enthusiasm.

The Popple with her rattle

“Who’s a rattlesnake?” we cooed at her as she shook her arm wildly. It was pretty much the most impressive thing that either of us had ever seen.

“I’m proud of every stupid thing that she does,” Adrian said. And it’s true. As a parent, each minor milestone that your baby hits is cause for celebration, even if it’s not objectively impressive.

Here are some amazing things that the Popple can do:

  • Make a big gummy smile.
  • Laugh. Well, almost. It’s really more of a smile cough, but it’s GREAT.
  • Take a bath without crying (most of the time).
  • Fart and burp like a grown man.
  • Lift up her legs while she’s being changed. She’s learned that I pick up her legs when she needs to be wiped, so now she does it herself. Basically, she’s a genius baby.

What? You say your baby can do all that and more? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of the Popple’s fantastic almost-laugh.

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