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Why I’m grateful for my not-so-terrible toddler

Why I’m grateful for my not-so-terrible toddler

I was Googling something parenting-related recently, as you do when you have access to a magic machine that holds all the answers, except there are way too many of them and they often contradict each other, and in the middle of searching for our answers you get distracted and start d***ing around on Facebook instead.

I can’t remember exactly what I was searching for. Something nap related, probably. The Popple has recently stopped napping her her cot, so my ‘get stuff done’ time is now ‘awkwardly scroll through my phone while a small sweaty person snores on my chest’ time.

Anyway, I typed “Why does my toddler…” and this is what Google suggested:

  • Why does my toddler hit
  • Why does my toddler hit me
  • Why does my toddler bite me
  • Why does my toddlers scream
  • Why does my toddler hate me

And I felt lucky.

Because the Popple doesn’t hit me. Or bite me. She screams occasionally, but her complaint method of choice tends to be a low-level, unrelenting whine. And she definitely doesn’t hate me. If anything, she loves me too hard in that sticky toddler kind of way, when they cling to you and run their filthy fingers through your hair while yelling, “Mama uh-oh choo-choo” or some other such toddler nonsense.

Maybe all this hitting/biting/screaming/hating stuff is yet to come. It probably is. The Popple has never done anything the easy way, and I’m under no illusion that her toddlerhood is going to be a series of silly songs and giggly teddy bear tea parties. But for now, I’m happy to enjoy her as she is – a curious little person who loves the Jackson 5 and that Carly Rae Jepson video with Tom Hanks. Who puts her stuffed rabbit in her high chair and feeds him imaginary food. Who is obsessed with anything with wheels. Who laughs any time I say the word ‘silly’.

Popple, you are the weirdest and the best. Please remember that when you hit your terrible twos are have the sudden urge to bite me.

16 thoughts on “Why I’m grateful for my not-so-terrible toddler”

  • Gosh what a google search!! Why does my toddler… Thankfully I’m still in a similar position to you where my munchkin loves me. Fingers crossed the biting and hitting never happens!! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

  • Yes I feel this way too. My eldest never had the “terrible twos” stage, and, being 3 months into two, my youngest is doing fine so far (touch wood!). It might be temperament thing, maybe? Or maybe we’re just super lucky?

    Anyway, I love this stage. I love the sticky love, as you put it. I love the imaginary play and the singing. Being a mummy to a toddler is wonderful #FamilyFun

  • My nearly 3 year old was exactly like this but unfortunately has been going through a hitting phase. Not just me, her dad, and sometimes other kids. They all do it at some point, all my friends who have children the same age have been through it. Lots of ‘time outs’ seems to have worked! #FamilyFun

  • Ah bless her, maybe you have it all to come maybe you don’t… OF my two, my girl has never bit, or hit, she had occasionally dared to stretch out a leg but not actually kicked. My boy however, at all of his 17 months, bites, hits, smacks and screams. What a joy, and we’re not even at the twos yet. May Popple follow suit of my little girl eh, I am sure she will she sounds just lovely! Thanks for sharing at #familyfun

  • Your little one sounds adorable. #family fun

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  • This – “and in the middle of searching for our answers you get distracted and start d***ing around on Facebook instead.” – so true!! Goodness I daren’t google anything teen related – I’m happy living in blissful ignorance and dealing with the problems we do have – I don’t want to know what may be lurking round the corner! Fab post as always! #ablogginggoodtime

  • That is a google search. This is why I never google, I think it scares the wotsit out of me. As a mother of a child who has come out of the terrible twos, I can reassure you by saying that Youngest never bit or screamed or hated me either. Oldest on the other hand…… 😉 #ablogginggoodtime

  • Hahaha oh I envy you!! No, not really. My nearly 2 year old puts Dumbo in her high chair and feeds him Milk and sings to him, cuddles me and says “awwww” – she’s so cute too! But, we have had grabbing and biting. I think it’s pretty common – usually to do with communication/frustration etc. But maybe you are just lucky. Long may it continue…! #FamilyFun x

  • She sounds like such an adorable, well-behaved, girl wonder. This stage is awesome but I will say, despite the terrible twos, I have learned to appreciate my son’s personality so much more at this stage. He is growing into his own person and that is just amazing to watch. Sometimes when he is playing by himself, talking to himself and making his toy cars talk to each other, I just stare. I can’t believe in that moment, that this child is mine. Heavy sigh! #familyfun

  • Ah that’s lovely. She sounds like a fun little lass! I’m also quite fortunate that my toddler doesn’t really bite or hit. She’s kicked me in the face / stomach a few times and given me a fat lip with her forehead…but they were both accidental when she got carried away.

    I love when they do things like feed their toys. It’s really cute! I get brought imaginary cups of tea all the time and it makes me smile. I could only be happier if they actually contained tea!

    Thanks for sharing and hope the friendly behaviour continues! #FamilyFun

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