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Why I’m a crap ‘mum’ blogger

I read a lot of other ‘mum blogs’ so I can learn from other mothers. Many of these blogs are updated almost daily. They are full of professional-looking photos and fancy widgets. These bloggers are active on social media, tweeting and Facebooking and Instagramming pictures of their picture-perfect kids. My question to these ladies is this:


The Popple demands all my attention. She refuses to be put down and needs to be entertained constantly. If I’m not waving a toy in her face, I’m trying to teach her how to sit (which she refuses to do, insisting on trying to stand instead), bouncing her around to her favourite 90s music videos, taking her for walks or letting her kick her legs around whilst naked (which remains her most favourite thing EVER).

I can’t imagine having the time to craft thoughtful blog posts on a regular basis with both of my hands. I type everything with one finger on my iPad while the Popple is feeding or sleeping*. I tweet only sporadically. The Squirmy Popple does not have a Facebook page or Instagram account. I’ve never even used Instagram. I mean, I’m sure I could figure it out (I worked in digital marketing before going on maternity leave), but my focus needs to be elsewhere. The Popple is busy blowing raspberries and putting her feet in her mouth, and I don’t want to miss a second of it.

Hats off to you proper bloggers with your well-designed blogs and witty, insightful posts. You must be masters of multitasking. I’m in awe. Teach me your secrets.

*Not that there’s much of that going on. As soon as the Popple goes to sleep, I try to sleep too – even if it’s only 7:30pm. Because she’ll probably wake up an hour later. And an hour after that. And an hour after that. Etc. Good times.

6 thoughts on “Why I’m a crap ‘mum’ blogger”

  • You know what? I love this blog. Not in spite of its lack of instagram ready photos, but because if it! I have a baby badger (not really, he’s a human boy of nearly 5 months!) who, like your Popple, will only sleep on me or in my bed. If I put him down at any point, ever, I get a brief moment of silence while he pulls his ‘I kill you’ face, then all hell breaks loose! He is getting quite good at sitting, but equally good at dramatically throwing himself backwards so hard that he would shatter his tiny skull if we EVER left the comfort of the bed. I’m never without him, to the point that I rarely cook, brush my hair or speak to my family or friends!! But I’m doing an awesome job of being a mum…not a pretty job, but a great one, and your blog reminds me of that!! Well done to you and Popple and Popple’s dad (Hello!). You’re doing an awesome job too!!

  • Thanks Hilary! I’ll try to tell myself that when I have one of those days when the house is a mess and I haven’t showered and I’m eating while standing up and dropping food on the Popple’s head.

  • Hey! I know this is a year after you posted this already, but I just wanted to add my comment too – this is the first blog ever to catch my attention to the point that I actually needed to save it as a bookmark on my phone (I forgot to do so at first – and it was so hard to find the blog again even though I was so sure I remembered the name of it, but no it wasn’t “my squirmy popples”, thank god I ever did find it in the first place, because the brief moment I realized I might not find my way back to it again really upset me). It’s almost weird, I love a good blog and there are tons of them out there, and yes I’ve seen fancy ones and some are perfect schmerfect but no.. this is so much more than fancy.. I’m so glad you didn’t pimp it up by now.. what’s so amazingly excellent about this blog is the simplicity, the honesty, the way you write and how that’s just more than enough to get the reader hooked! You’re one amazing writer!

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