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Wanted: mum friends

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We look like a fun bunch, right?

Job specification:

In order to be considered for the role, you must:

  • Live in the Glasgow area* and have a baby under one year old.
  • Be willing to listen to me talk about the Popple’s poo/eczema/drool rashes in explicit detail. (I will, of course, listen to you talk about your baby’s gross stuff too.)
  • Not be offended if I make plans to meet for coffee and only stay for five minutes because the Popple has decided she hates the cafe/needs a nap/both.
  • Be able to meet up before 5pm, also known as grizzle o’clock.
  • Not be one of those judgy parents. We’re all doing the best we can, so let’s be supportive rather than looking down on mums who are doing things a little differently, amiright?

More about this role:

Look, I’m not good at meeting new people. I’ve gone to great lengths to avoid talking to strangers in the past, including purposefully booking a hotel on the opposite side of London from everyone else at a conference so I’d have an excuse to skip the formal dinner and eat an M&S salad alone in my hotel room. But I’d rather go on a dozen awkward mum dates than go through this whole motherhood thing alone. It’s HARD. And it can be lonely.

So are you genuinely interested in the ins and outs of baby-led weaning? Are you eager to compare nappy brands and discuss the wonders of Sudocrem? Have you bored all your non-mum friends with your stories about Calpol spillages and nighttime feedings?

Me too. Let’s be boring together.

* Though mums from further afield are welcome to apply if they’re really awesome, since the internet makes connecting with each other stupidly easy. Hello, mums of the interweb!

7 thoughts on “Wanted: mum friends”

  • Welcome to Scotland, where you can tell the season by the temperature of the rain! Edinburgh based Mum of a 9 year old girlie so not what you’re looking for but you totally look like a fun bunch. I remember the crazy baby days and that 5 o’clock witching hour before you could start bedtime…not with fondness, but I do remember them 😉
    Trust me on this, it does get easier…and harder at the same time. However you choose to parent is totally the right way for you and your family and you are doing a great job!

  • Welcome to Scotland, where you can tell the season by the temperature of the rain. I’m an Edinburgh based mum to a 9 yearold girlie, so totally not what you’re looking for! I do however remember those baby days, and that 5pm witching hour that draaaaaaagggged on for days. Not with fondness, but I do remember them 😉
    Take it from me, it does get easier….and harder. However you choose to parent, you are doing the best job for you and your family!

  • Hi Elise! Everyone says that it gets easier, but it seems hard to imagine right now. And yes, the witching hour is the WORST. We usually end up putting the Popple to bed around 6-6:30 because she’s so furious.

    • Hi again. I hope you don’t think I’m stalking you but just wanted to say I am happy to meet up if you ever find yourself taking a wee trip to Edinburgh! At the risk of sounding patronising (and I’m totally not), when I was at your stage, I would have loved some support from friends with older children. Even just to feel that there is light at the end of that witching hour tunnel. And I had family support so I can only imagine how tough it is for you. I’m on facebook and I’m happy for you to look me up, I currently have a fluffy cat profile pic ( my angle fur baby 😉 ) You have my email address. Hang in there. Oh, and 6-6.30pm bedtime for the popple sounds great, wish my 9 yo would go to bed earlier, more chance for a glass of wine!

      • Sounds great! I’d love to take the Popple to Edinburgh sometimes (it’s one of my all-time favourite cities), but it just hasn’t happened yet.

        It would be great if the Popple stayed asleep after 6:30, but that never happens – she’s usually up again at 7:30, and then again around 9:30, and then at 11:30…etc. SO TIRED.

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