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The Sound of Silence: toddler version

The Sound of Silence: toddler version

The Popple has been waking up at stupid o’clock recently. Despite the fact that she’s going to bed later these days, she’s getting up so early that she’s actually waking up my a-hole cat, who is a stupid o’clock riser himself.

Inspired – or perhaps driven a bit mad – by day after day of pre-dawn wake-ups, I’ve written a parody of Simon & Garfunkel’s The Sound of Silence about toddler life.

It’s not my best work.

But I am really, really, really tired.

The Sound of Silence

Hello 5am, my old friend
I’ve come to meet with you again
Because a child loudly weeping
Woke me up while I was sleeping
And the sound that was planted in my brain
Still remains
I miss the sound of silence

In quiet dreams I slept alone
‘Til I heard cries and checked my phone
Neath the halo of my bedside lamp
I looked at my phone timestamp
My eyes were stabbed by the flash of the mobile light
That split the night
I miss the sound of silence

And in the naked light I saw
One small toddler, it felt like more
A toddler talking without speaking
A toddler hearing without listening
A toddler singing songs that voices shouldn’t share
Why does she dare
Disturb the sound of silence?

“Kid,” said I
“Don’t you know that it’s too early for this show?”
Will my words ever teach you?
Does logic even reach you?”
But my toddler just continued to yell
And bellowed
I miss the sound of silence

And my toddler loudly played
Proud of the noises that she made
And I gave her a stern a warning
About how to act in the morning
And I said,
“It’s way too early to be bouncing off the walls
And running down halls”
I miss the sound of silence

If you enjoyed this, check out Rhyming with Wine. She’s does this kind of thing on her blog, only way better. 


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