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The Popple’s first Halloween

I was supposed to be wearing a £30 hand-crocheted ninja turtle costume from Etsy for Halloween. Donatello, Daddy’s favourite. If I had been a boy, that’s what he wanted to call me. My middle name would have been Q so he could call me Don Q, which is a brand of Puerto Rican rum. So I would have been named after a mutant cartoon turtle and booze.

It’s a good thing I was a girl.

Anyway, Mommy forgot to order my fancy costume, which takes three weeks to make, apparently. So Mommy and Daddy did what all lazy parents do for Halloween – they bought me a £6 pumpkin costume from the supermarket.

Popple as a pumpkin
Looking like every baby on Halloween ever

Then Mommy went to Mothercare and found a ninja turtle onesie. It was Raphael (boo) and lacked the middle-class cachet of a handmade costume, but it was better than a pumpkin, even though I’m pretty much the cutest pumpkin ever.

Popple as a ninja turtle

So today I’m not a delicate princess or a fairy or a cat in a tutu (which is an actual baby costume at Mothercare for some reason). I’m a bad-ass ninja. I fight with twin sai, which are almost as pointy as baby nails. I’m cool but rude.

Don’t mess with me.

Popple as a ninja turtle

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