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The Popple and the cat

Before the Popple came around, this guy was the king of the house.

Milo in his cat bed

Milo would wake up me and Adrian every day at dawn by meowing at the top of his lungs, and we’d get up to feed him, because we were suckers.

“This is good practice for having a baby,” we’d say, not knowing that would only be true if Milo ate every two hours throughout the night and then pooped on himself as soon as we started to fall asleep.

We were a bit worried about how Milo would react to the Popple. I worked from home for a year and a half, so Milo and I were together all day, every day. And he needed A LOT of attention. Our days went like this:

Milo would jump on my desk while I was working. I’d swat him off. He’d jump up again and claw at my notepad. I’d swat him off. He’d go into the kitchen and start chewing on the bin bag. I’d shout at him to stop. My phone would ring. He’d jump back on my desk and meow at me. The person I was talking to would say, “Is that a cat?” I’d pretend that it wasn’t in an attempt to appear professional, like I wasn’t working in my pyjamas in my living room. Milo would stand in front of my computer and put his cat butt in my face. I’d swat him off. He’d jump back up. Etc, etc.

Milo sitting on a notebook
Milo ‘helping’ me work

How would such a needy cat deal with a new arrival that competed for our attention? There were other concerns too – he plays with his claws out, so would he scratch the Popple? Would he see the Popple as a threat to his territory and start peeing everywhere?

No, actually. He’s been great.

Milo sniffs the Popple’s head occasionally, but otherwise he leaves her alone. He’s never tried to pee on any of her things. He’s accepted the fact that he’s no longer allowed in our bedroom, since that’s where the Popple sleeps and where we keep most of her things. He still meows for food at 5am, but we’re cool with it because we’re already awake for like the fourth time already.

Milo looking at Isla

Sometimes I see Milo flopped out on my rocking chair (a gift meant for rocking the Popple which has somehow become the most expensive cat chair ever), and I feel a bit bad for him. My top priority is the Popple – as it should be – but Milo deserves more pets and cuddles than I can give him right now. And yet he seems to understand that my focus needs to be elsewhere.

Milo sitting on my leg
Milo getting as close as he can while I feed the Popple

So here’s to Milo, the best cat big brother to the Popple that we could ever hope for. I hope they’re best friends someday.

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