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Thank God my kid has a friend

Thank God my kid has a friend

The Popple has a friend.

She was talking about him non-stop last week, but I had no idea what she was saying at first. Her language skills are pretty good but she’s still only two, which means that at least 30% of what she says is actual nonsense. I spent ages trying to work out what she was going on about.

“Loan? Lime?”




“You have a friend called Liam?”

“Yes. Friend called LIAMMM!”

I was really excited. A friend is a big deal. Up until now, she’s only used the word ‘friend’ in reference to her stuffed animals, our cat, and occasionally dogs she meets on the street. I grilled her about this Liam character.

“Is Liam a boy from nursery?”


“Is he a nice boy?”


“Do you play trains together?”


“Does he like to dance?”


“Does he like to read books?”


All of that could be true, or absolutely none of it. The Popple wasn’t big on details. But she kept interjecting, “Friend called LIAMMM!” randomly into conversation for the rest of the day, so I figure he must be a pretty big deal.

I know pretty much nothing about Liam, but that’s fine. I’m just thrilled that the Popple has a friend, because it’s a sign that maybe she’s not going to be as socially awkward as I was as a kid.

People skills have never really been my thing. When I was around the Popple’s age, I would walk backwards into my grandmother’s house so she couldn’t see my face. MY OWN GRANDMOTHER. You can just imagine how I was around other children.

I was never an outcast, but I always kind of felt like I was on the outside looking in, and I had started to see hints of that in the Popple. Whenever she encounters children playing, she always hesitates to join in. Instead, she stands to the side and observes them, with a look of total seriousness on her face. It seems like a sensible approach – you don’t want to hang out with people until you know what they’re about – but it got me worried that she might become an outsider kind of kid. And that can be hard.

I’ll still love her if she turns into an awkward outsider, obviously. She can go through a goth phase, get really into slam poetry, become one of those kids who has an ant farm, whatever. I just want her to have friends, have fun and feel good about herself. That’s all that really matters.

So here’s to Liam – hopefully the first of many friends. Good luck keeping up with her, kid.

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12 thoughts on “Thank God my kid has a friend”

  • Yay! The first friend is such a big deal. Like you, I worried that the Tubblet had inherited my social skills and would be a bit of a loner / social misfit.

  • Oh there is just so so much to love about this post! I was smiling the whole way through. Sich a moment as a parent when your children first start to talk about friends – it is and always will be a big deal. That feeling of friendship for your children never goes away! Can’t wait to hear more about LIAMMMM #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Yay!! I worried about how my son would make friends when he started nursery, as I’ve always been quite a socially awkward person, but thankfully he seems to have his daddy’s outgoing personality and has made a bunch of friends! It settles your worries a little, doesn’t it?! #DreamTeam

  • If Liam plays trains, dances AND likes books, he sounds like excellent friendship material! My little one is 2.5yrs and is just starting to play WITH her friends rather than NEXT TO her friends. So cute #ablogginggoodtime

  • So sweet. My almost three year old declares everyone who so much as looks at her as her friend. It’s her birthday in a few weeks and she keeps telling everyone who’ll listen that she’s having a party with chocolate cake and all her friends are coming and then looking at me with big doe eyes. Unfortunately she doesn’t actually have any friends. She goes to nursery one morning a week but doesn’t really play ‘with’ anyone and couldn’t tell me any of their names, could be tricky ?

  • It’s so touching when they get their first little friends isn’t it? I got my first “note” passed to me from one of Miss Tot’s pre-school friends last week with his mum’s phone number to arrange a play date. My social circle is now dictated entirely by my daughter’s bestest friends and it’s an eye opener as I’m fairly shy as a rule. Here’s to a lovely happy friendship for Popple and Liam x #DreamTeam

  • Aaah that’s so lovely – Georgia has a ‘best friend’ at nursery. Luckily I know exactly who it is as I’m friends with her mum and they’ve been friends since they were babies! I’d so be on the lookout for who Liam is at nursery! 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #fortheloveofBLOG x

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