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Snot and sea water

The Popple has a cold. I have a cold. Adrian has a cold. Guess which one of us is handling it the best?

Popple in a hoodie

The Popple should really be having the hardest time with this cold since she’s never had to deal with one before, yet she’s been happily smiling and babbling away with a crust of dried snot underneath her nose. Meanwhile, Adrian and I have been moaning about sore throats and post-nasal drips and blocked nostrils, like a bunch of…well, babies.

The only time this cold has really pissed off the Popple is when Adrian and I have shoved sea water nasal spray up her nose. Yup, that’s right. Sea water. Actually, a ‘sea water micro diffusion’. From France. Because when you’re a first-time parent and your baby is sick, nothing will do but the Perrier of baby nasal hygiene.

Nasal spray
Here Boots, take all my money.

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