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Save the Lanarkshire Baby Bank

Save the Lanarkshire Baby Bank

The Popple was a difficult baby.

She was colicky and spent most of her first three months screaming. She didn’t sleep through the night until she was a year old, and for most of that year she woke up every 1-3 hours. She refused to nap in her cot until she was seven months old. She never sat still and didn’t let me put her down.

And yet I was one of the lucky ones.

Why? Because I had a caring partner who did everything he could to support me. Because I had a good job and enough savings to get me through a year of maternity leave. Because I had a loving family who would have helped us out if we really needed it.

There are a lot of people who don’t have that, which is why services like the Lanarkshire Baby Bank are so important. They support struggling parents by providing them with items like nappies, formula and baby clothes when they have nowhere else to turn.

Being a parent is hard. Being a parent who doesn’t know if they can afford to feed their child is impossible.

I worried about whether or not the Popple was getting enough to eat, but only because she was a bit fussy about the whole boobin’ thing – not because I couldn’t afford formula. I worried about the colour and frequency of her poos, but I never questioned whether or not I’d be able to buy nappies to contain them. I worried about whether she was too hot or too cold, but I never worried about having enough clothes to keep her warm.

Like I said, I was lucky. Even in the worst moments, when my life basically looked like this, I was in a pretty fortunate position.

The Popple doing a face palm

The Lanarkshire Baby Bank is under threat of closure because they’re about to lose their premises, and they have until 27 January to raise enough money to rent a new warehouse to house their donatations.

Their services provide lifeline to parents who have run out of options. Now they need a lifeline.

You can sign the Change.org petition to help find them a new home, or donate to the organisation via Just Giving or their Facebook page.

Let’s get together and use the internet for something good, rather than just sharing stupid cat memes and posting pictures of our food on Instagram.


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17 thoughts on “Save the Lanarkshire Baby Bank”

  • Have signed and shared. I cannot imagine how stressful it must be to struggle to be able to feed your child because you cannot afford the essentials. I knew about food banks and have donated nappies and wipes to them a few times but I only discovered that baby banks existed through another blog post I read yesterday. I hope that Lanarkshire Baby Bank can find a new location and continue with the wonderful work that they do. #triballove

  • Like Louise said I don’t think I’d realised baby banks existed but what a vital service they provide. I’ve just signed the petition. It must be terrifying not to know how you’re going to feed your baby or if you’ll be able to get more nappies – I can’t even imagine.

  • Oh goodness I’ve never heard of anything like this. What an amazing service. I really hope it stays open to support those out there struggling. I was very lucky, in much of similar position to you, and never had to worry about this. I’m off to sign the petition now!! I really hope it stays open! #DreamTeam x

  • Argh that’s horrible to think they might close. You have really put it into perspective with this post. I hope it can keep going, I truly do! Thank you for sharing at #familyfun xx

  • There are so many essential services like this that are being cut across the country, and it’s frightening. These places are VITAL. They provide a lifeline to people. I will definitely share this around #ABloggingGoodTime

  • SIGNED. I cannot even imagine being a mom without food or nappies for their baby. That is the worst thing that could ever happen. I feel silly now for worrying about him his sleeping habits and all that. So glad you shared this. Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama!

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