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How would I explain Pussygate to my daughter?

How would I explain Pussygate to my daughter?

There are many times when I wish that the Popple was older. When we’re having dinner, for instance, and she spends half the meal angrily pointing at things.

“Do you want more soup? Some bread? Your water? A glass?” I ask.

She shakes her head vigorously and points harder.

“I don’t know what you want,” I say.

She throws her spoon in frustration, and I wish she older was older so she could just tell me what she wanted.

But lately I’ve been really glad that the Popple is still a small toddler, and it’s all thanks to Donald Trump.

“You know how the phrase ‘grab them by the pussy’ is all over the news? How would we explain that to the Popple if she was old enough to notice?” Adrian asked recently.

“I don’t know,” I said. The only explanation I could imagine would involve telling her that pussy was another word for cat, thus painting Trump as a crazed, orange man who ran around grabbing women’s pets.

It would be less scary than the alternative.

“I don’t know if it would be more awkward to explain it to a boy or a girl,” Adrian said. “If you have a boy, you have to teach them that they can’t do that. If you have a girl, you have to teach them to…not be terrified.”

That shook me. To not be terrified.

I don’t want the Popple to grow up fearing that a man might touch her without her permission. She shouldn’t have to worry about that.

None of us should.

I thought again about how I might explain Pussygate to her.

“Listen, Popple. That terrible man with the weird hair is in trouble because he said some very bad things about women. He thinks that just because he’s famous, he has the right to kiss them or grab their private parts just because he wants to. But he’s wrong. No one has the right to do that to anyone.

“The good news is that most men aren’t like Donald Trump. Women aren’t objects to them. We are their friends. Their sisters. Their mothers. Their daughters. We are people.

“But if you ever do come across a man like Trump, one who thinks he’s entitled to do what he wants to you because he’s a wealthy or a celebrity, feel free to kick him in the willy. Just give him a big old boot in the balls. He deserves it.”

Image © Michael Vadon under the Creative Commons licence

19 thoughts on “How would I explain Pussygate to my daughter?”

  • I’m sick to the back teeth of seeing this odious buffoon everywhere I go. Roll on December when hopefully we won’t have to see his twatty face every again. Great post. #stayclassy

  • I have just read the comment above this one, and to be honest I am struggling greatly to put it better myself. The worst part of it is that we have to spend time and energy even thinking about how we will explain things like this to our children.


  • yes, and thats the problem isnt it..that kids and young people and well, just people really, are hearing it and thinking that its acceptable, or normal.. so important that all decent people continue to shout about how wrong it is. awful awful man. great post, i have a young daughter too, glad i havent had to worry about explaining it to her yet (or my son for that matter) #stayclassymama

  • I just cannot understand how anyone could entertain the notion of actually voting for this poor excuse for a human being. It’s stranger than fiction and the fact you even had to write this post is sad. Here’s hoping he loses and disappears. #stayclassymama

  • Ha ha! I love the way you chose to theoretically explain it!! Great choice of words ?
    I still can’t believe that people are buying this image as acceptable for a world leader. He is continuing to bullying his way around through his actions and lack of humility. Disgraceful.

  • Ah the next great parenting challenge we’ll face. Having to explain the disgusting behaviour of some people, definitely just kick them in the willy! #effitfriday

  • That’s pretty much what I have told my almost 10 year old daughter, who does vaguely know that Trump is running for president, and that I intensely dislike him and his ilk. She doesn’t know about what he has said about women, but I have told her that no man has the right to grab or touch her without her consent and a short sharp kick in the goolies may be needed. On a more serious note, lets hope this dreadful man doesn’t actually get into power, I can’t bear the thought!


  • Yep I’ve mentioned the mad orange toupéed twit in my own linked post. Ugh makes me sick that we’re even giving him airtime lol. Now you’ve got me dreaming about kicking Donald Twunt in the balls 🙂 #effitfriday #stayclassmama

  • The title of this post is awesome lol.

    My daughter is all grown up and capable of forming her own opinions. Thank God. I don’t envy you but I totally agree with just telling her to kick. Hard and swiftly. 🙂

  • Not surprised by your shock and horror. As you may have seen my post about voting lol. I’ve never been more on a mission to NOT have somebody be president. I was on a mission for Obama to be the one back in the day, but now I am REALLY pushing friends, family, strangers on the street that sound American to vote Hilary hahah. Lovely post and couldn’t agree more. Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

  • He is a scary man isn’t he?! Surely, surely he must lose this election after this! It’s still a subject that you will no doubt have to have with her one day. I have had that conversation with my son (not about Trump) – he also has a right to say no if a woman wants to touch him etc. It was a bit of a minefield of a conversation to be honest! Thanks for sharing this on #fortheloveofBLOG x

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