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From stay-at-home mum to working mum

From stay-at-home mum to working mum

I am no longer a stay-at-home mum.

I didn’t always think of myself as a stay-at-home mum. I was on maternity leave, so I wasn’t really a stay-at-home-mum, right? I was a digital content developer who just wasn’t developing much digital content anymore, unless blog content counts, in which case I was actually developing a fair amount of digital content. All of it was baby-related, of course, developed without any thought to content strategy or a digital marketing plan. I almost never properly SEO’d or social media’d it. My professional self should have wept. My mum self didn’t give a s***.

My mum self won because she was in charge. See, even if I didn’t think of myself as a stay-at-home mum, that’s what I was. A stay-at-home mum is, by definition, someone who spends their days at home (or the park, or the library, or awkward baby classes) with their child. That’s what I did. I didn’t go into an office and write emails and go to meetings. I stayed home and did mum stuff. I changed nappies and pushed prams. I read board books and sang nursery rhymes. I boobed a baby in front of Pretty Little Liars for hours.

This was my job. I was getting paid for it, at least for a while. Then I stopped getting paid for it, and it became pretty clear that I couldn’t go on wiping bums for free forever. I was going to need to earn some money so my family could continue to live the lifestyle to which we were accustomed, ie a lifestyle in which we weren’t starving and had a roof over our heads.

So here I am – still a mum, but no longer one who stays at home. I’m a mum who drops her daughter off at nursery on the way to work with a hug and a promise to return. I’m a mum who cuddles her extra hard at night, knowing that I’ll need to let other people do the cuddling for me during the day. I’m a mum who never forgets that’s what I am, even when I’m busy at work. There are wet wipes in my handbag and snot stains on my shoulder, after all.

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20 thoughts on “From stay-at-home mum to working mum”

  • So true whatever we do, whatever label to nuance our experience we are all mums. I wish I had wet wipes in my bag…I always that must be so useful! Wishing you a lot of luck and well wishes #bigpinklink

  • I think the mum role will always remain a firm favourite role – and what a drive our children give us to work hard to provide for them … love those telltale signs of snot stains and wet wipes – wear them with pride lovely! #BigPinkLink

  • Yes whatever we do we are all mums. I hope the transition back to work goes well, you’ll have to update us on how you’re getting on. Your digital content role may give you some more inspiration for your blog! #Bigpinklink x

  • You sound like my Mother. She has drool covered shoulders which her boss giggles at good-naturedly and which she is secretly proud of as they are her badges of honour – she’s a mother. My pic is on her desk but mostly she carries me in her heart which means I go with her to every meeting, I’m with her for every report and I’m by her side for every decision she has to make. She’s a mother first and then an employee – but both aspects allow her to be the person she wants to be. x #bigpinklink

  • I use wet wipes for everything and have found soothers in my pocket on the way to meetings for work, the joys of a Working mum! #Bigpinklink

  • That is the sure sign of being a mum- never being without a pack of baby wipes! Hope settling in back at work goes well, i recently started working again too and feels almost like i’ve never been away! #bigpinklink

  • Brilliant read. Always a mum whether you are working, volunteering, whatever it may be we have the battle scars, snot stains and handbags full of baby junk to remind us. I hope you enjoy your transition back to work and that you can sit and enjoy a hot coffee at your desk xx #bigpinklink

  • I’ll be doing this soon- I’m at the stage of not getting paid anymore. So ill soon be back to the daily grind! Thankfully I’ll not be doing the nursery run but your right I’ll always be a mum- who happens to work as well πŸ™‚ #bloggerclubuk

  • Whatever we do in our lives we will always be mum. Part of being a mum is working to make life good for our children x

  • A mum is a mum, whether working or running the house and looking after the little ones. I have been doing the childcare run for some time now and can relate to hugging a bit tighter for just that bit longer. πŸ™‚ #BloggerClubUK

  • Ohhhh LOVE the new look site, have you had that for long?! Did I just miss it last time? Anyway, you’ve hit the nail on the head – we are all mums first, no matter what else we do with our time (or not, as the case may be). I could feel your mixed emotions when you said about dropping her off at nursery and hugging her tighter. You’re a wonderful mum xxxx #BloggerClubUK

  • A Mum forever more.. I hope the Popple is doing okay at nursery… I hope you are doing okay at work? I chose stay at home Mum, a couple of months in and the strain of being the sole bread winner is starting to show on my man. I’ve not discussed this with him yet but I really don’t want him stressed. I won’t be going back to work work, so I’ll have to work out a way to help us! Sell my soul! Sorry I have rambled! Takes a blog post to make one think! #bloggerclubUK

  • Beautiful post Katie! I hope that it is all going well back at work, I’m about to enter back into the working world tomorrow (gulp!). But my priorities are slightly different now, before I would work long hours, now my priorities is my daughter, I’m not sure how the hours will be but we’ll see. Claire x #BloggerClubUK. Ps love the new site x

  • I think once you have a child, the mum side will always win. The child has to be your priority, and where once your career may have defined you, I think it becomes more of a means for making money only once you have a child
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK πŸ™‚

  • This is lovely – the mum role will always win! I’m going back to work soon too and it’s a strange feeling. Like you say, you almost don’t think of yourself as a SAHM even though that’s what I am…xx #bigpinklink

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