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Finding your feet. Literally.

I wish I got as excited about anything as the Popple gets about pretty much everything. It must be awesome to be a baby because everything is new and exciting and just wonderful. Also, you can fart in public and everyone thinks it’s really cute.

The Popple’s latest discovery is her feet. She’s been kicking her legs around for months now, but the other day she did it and got this look on her face like OH MY GOD, WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS DOWN THERE? Now she spends lots of time grabbing at her feet and seems genuinely amazed every time she gets her hands on them. Then I put her in these pajamas.

Sock monkey pyjamas

And she kicked up her legs and was like WAIT THERE ARE MONKEYS THERE? The Popple loves monkeys. She has a sock monkey blanket that I put on her when she goes out in the pram, and when she wakes up from her pram nap and sees the smiling monkeys, she smiles too. Then the blanket goes IN DA MOUF, obv.

The Popple with her monkey pyjamas

I can’t wait until she gets to discover food in a few months. I know she’ll have to start with fruits and vegetables, but the best part will be when I get to introduce her to the most delicious of all foods, cheese. Feet are great and all, but a creamy Brie de Meaux? Now that’s something really worth flipping out over.

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