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Being a mother – the hardest job there is?

Crying Popple and confused mum

People often say that being a mother is the hardest job in the world. I’ve always been skeptical of this – is wiping up drool and singing nursery rhymes really harder than, say, performing brain surgery, designing spaceships or diffusing bombs in Iraq? Maybe not, but in many ways, I find being a mother harder than my job in digital marketing. Here’s why:

My job: Consists of tasks that I’m relatively good at (writing web content, editing, analysing web analytics), thanks to two degrees and over a decade of relevant work experience.

Parenting: Consists of tasks I’m f***ing clueless about, like coming up with developmentally-appropriate baby games, sleep training and managing teething. Soon to come: weaning. Gahhhhh.

My job: Supported by a team of about a dozen skilled professionals who are available to answer my questions and step in if a project gets too overwhelming.

Parenting: Supported by my husband, who works full time – and knows as little as I do.

My job: On a bad day, an article doesn’t get published on time or a tweet goes out with a typo in it.

Parenting: On a bad day, the baby screams for two hours straight and then poops on herself. And me. In a shop. And I’ve forgotten to pack the baby wipes.

My job: Contracted for 35 hours a week, Monday to Friday.

Parenting: Contracted for ALL THE HOURS.

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