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A letter to my nursing bras

A letter to my nursing bras

Dear nursing bras,

We had a good run, didn’t we? There were only a few of you, so you all had plenty of chances to be involved with this whole breastfeeding thing.

I’m still breastfeeding, actually, but since I’m only doing it in the morning and at night now, I don’t really need you anymore. I’ve gone back to your underwired cousins from my pre-baby days, but I don’t want you to think I don’t appreciate all that you did for me. We’ve been through a lot.

Sleeping bras, I’ll start with you.

I didn’t really get the concept of a sleeping bra at first – why would anyone want to sleep in a bra? The best part of my day is when I come home from work and take off my bra. The simple act of letting your boobs free after a long day of confinement is one of a woman’s greatest pleasures. Why would I choose to wear a bra longer than is absolutely necessary?

Then my milk came in and my boobs felt like to lead balloons, and I totally got the whole sleeping bra thing. I wore you all the time, day and night. I hated having to take you off even to shower. Your support saved me, and what did I do? Stretched you out. Forgot to wash you. Ditched you for your friends with the clips once I’d gotten used to breastfeeding and felt confident that I could unclip the strap, move the cup and latch on the baby before she totally lost it.

Sorry about that.

Clippy nursing bras, you accompanied me on the rest of breastfeeding journey. I fumbled with you in cafes, in the backseat of cars, in the park and in beer gardens. You were there for the quiet evening feeds, the quick snack feeds, the marathon feeds and the feeds that ended with more milk on you than in the baby. You were there when she smiled up at me afterwards and when she screamed the whole time. You saw it all.

We made a great team, but now it’s time for us to go our separate ways. I’m small boobed again and so I’m grateful, because having big boobs was really annoying. When they were at their milkiest, they were constantly getting in the way and popping out of tops and generally making a nuisance of themselves. It’s time for me to wear my small boob bras again. These bras stay hidden under low-cut tops and aren’t faded from too many washings. I have missed them.

But I’ll never forget you. Thanks for the mammaries.



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22 thoughts on “A letter to my nursing bras”

  • “Thanks for the mammaries” – love it!
    I was so glad to ditch the nursing bras – I’m very large up top so I desperately need underwires in my life! Second time around I must admit I went back to my normal bras pretty early on, and just hoiked my boobs out over the top….now there’s a sex image for you 😉

  • Brilliant! all my life I had small boobs until I was breastfeeding and then just like you felt the need to wear a bra for sleeping not only for support but to hold the so important nursing pads as I leaked everywhere! #triballove

  • Oh, amazing! I’ve just ditched mine too – stopped breastfeeding NC last week (back to work tomorrow) and I did actually feel a bit sad. Only a bit, though. Never again will I sleep in a bra – happy mammaries though … (sorry). #puddinglove

  • Haha ‘thanks for the mamaries’..genius! I have recently got all my nursing bras down from the loft to clean them again ready for when baby number 2 arrives, they are not really the pretty of things are they? You are right though, they are a big part of the breastfeeding journey and you go through a lot together!xx #Fartglitter

  • So cute! I was small boobed through the whole ordeal and I only ever used the clippy bras. Guess I was lucky I didn’t have the lead balloon part – sounds pretty uncomfortable! I had issues with my supply in the beginning so I was glad to be able to breastfeed at all! #bigpinklink

  • Lovely post, miss my bigger pregnancy and breastfeeding boobs, maybe I should have struggled on for longer! Actually no, like you, I think the smaller ones are far more manageable. Very witty and we’ll written post! #fartglitter

  • ha ha, mamaries. Reading this made me realise that I do indeed still live in my nursing bras, I can’t imagine not being in them but I guess I’ll have to part ways with them eventually #PuddingLove

  • I’m going through the transition at the moment from nursing bras to underwired bras, and it feels lovely to have boosted breasts again! Still loving my sleep bras though, don’t think I’ll ever give those up now #fartglitter

  • Lol, mammaries!! I’m totally with you re sleeping bras. I went for ages without them, not understanding why they existed and then suddenly I got it and couldn’t sleep without them. What a moment to remember, not needing them anymore – sign of things changing… #puddinglove

  • Hahah thanks for the mammaries! I only ever had a sleeping bra, as I couldn’t breastfeed, but it was a life saver and was so comfortable that I could still sleep in it now really! Lucy xx #triballove

  • Me too! I have just started wearing my nice pretty underwired bras again as I’m only feeding at night and in the morning too. I won’t miss mine though! #fartglitter

  • Aaaah, a sweet and touching tribute to some very dear supporters…! Love the last line!! I know exactly what you mean about the night time bras-I just thought the lady in the shop was trying to get me to buy stuff I didn’t need when she insisted I’d need them! Turns out they were one of the best purchases I made! I didn’t like my boobs being any bigger than they needed to be either, I didn’t miss any of that extra fullness at all!!
    Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

  • Oh I remember ditching the nursing bras. I actually looked forward to it in the end – as much as I loved the comfort of the nursing bras! But it just felt as though had moved onto another milestone in my parenting journey and a bit like I was getting part of me back, as strange as that may sound. Admittedly the trusty underwire bras are somewhat smaller post babies… #bigpinklink

  • Love this post! Being a bigger chested woman all my life sux but not as bad as when I was breastfeeding! I didn’t think my boobs could get any bigger until then. I could not find nursing bras that fit so I used sports bras with the adjustable straps so I could feed. My daughter is a year old in a few weeks and I am still in sports bras! I’m jealous!#Deamteam

  • 🙂 Awww what a cool tribute to your bras. I don’t think I felt the same about mine, they just sort of got in the way and didn’t ever feel as comfortable as my normal ones. Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam x

  • I never wore night time ones. Am I the only one who didn’t? I love the clippies though. I still wear them all the time, and think they may outlast my breastfeeding days. That is, provided my boobs don’t shrink into nothingness. I’ve heard rumours of this happening… #tribe

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