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5 baby purchases I shouldn’t have made

When you’re having your first baby, trying to figure out what you need to buy is overwhelming. There’s the obvious stuff that you need – somewhere for the baby to sleep, a car seat, a pram and/or baby carrier, baby clothes, etc. There’s the stuff that sounds useful but you might be able to do without (which you will probably end up buying anyway), like a bouncer, baby gym, breastfeeding pillow, and one of those fancy nappy bins that wraps up each nappy individually.

Then there’s the WTF stuff – top and tail bowl? Wipe warmer? Bumbo? What kind of idiot would buy this garbage? Except…well, you don’t want to traumatise your baby by touching their bum with a cold wet wipe, do you? No, definitely not. Better buy two warmers, just in case the first one breaks. And what if you can’t wash your baby’s bum and head without a plastic bowl divided in two? Maybe it’s not possible. What do you know about cleaning a baby? Nothing. Better get that top and tail bowl too. Can a baby learn to sit without an expensive squishy seat? If you don’t buy it, they might lie helplessly on their back forever. FORGET IT, JUST TAKE ALL MY MONEY.

Like most first-time parents, my husband and I bought WAY too much baby stuff. Some of it was definitely the wrong stuff. Our bedroom closet is now overflowing with things we barely, if ever, used. Whenever I open the door, it vomits out newborn baby grows and untouched toys.

Here are 5 baby things we shouldn’t have bought:

1. A moses basket.

We should have got a co-sleeper cot instead. We stuffed out daughter into her moses basket for as long as we could, and she still used it for under four months. A co-sleeper cot cost twice as much, but we could have used it for longer. Plus it would have come in handy when we tried to transition her into her big girl cot and she refused to sleep there, so we resorted to co-sleeping – the bed stripped of pillows, the duvet wrapped tightly around me like a burrito because I was so paranoid about it touching her, me confined to the very edge of the bed while the baby sprawled out in the middle. I barely slept for months.

2. Loads of newborn clothes.

Babies, even tiny ones like my daughter, only fit into newborn clothes for a few weeks at most. We bought lots of tiny baby grows and pretty much nothing else, so when she outgrew them almost immediately, we had to make several trips to Mothercare to buy 0-3 month clothes for her to wear for the next few months.

3. WAY too many toys.

My daughter has a plethora of brightly-coloured plastic things that light up and make noise. You know what she likes to play with? Empty water bottles. Or cardboard toilet roll tubes. Or the TV remote. Basically, anything that’s not a toy and shouldn’t really go in her mouth but does anyway.


4. A baby monitor.

If you live in a big, multi-story house, get a monitor. Obviously. If you live in a flat the size of a large closet with paper thin walls, you don’t need one. You will hear every cry, every whimper, every fart, whether you want to or not.

5. Bibs without food-catching pouches.

Seriously, I don’t even know why these exist. My baby’s lap was covered in food after every meal until we got a few cheap plastic bibs with crumb catchers. Now she’s not only cleaner, but she gets to end each meal by picking stuff out of her bib. Nothing makes a baby (or, really, anyone) happier than bonus food.

This post was originally posted on Life, Love and Dirty Dishes as part of the Rookie Mistakes series. Check out the rest of the series here.

Rookie Mistakes

34 thoughts on “5 baby purchases I shouldn’t have made”

  • Toys and clothes yes I did the same! But found I used them with subsequent kids ha ha.
    I actually loved the Moses basket, easy to carry about and up and down the stairs etc.
    I’d say, as I bottle fed, that a bottle warmer was useless! #stayclassy

    • I’m not sure if we’re going to have more kids, so it’s hard to know whether to keep all the extra toys and clothes. Right now they’re stuffed in a closet where I can’t see them, but that’s not a good long-term strategy.

  • Totally agree and sympathise! We diligently shopped at mother care when I was 8 months pregnant with my first and bought so much that we hardly used and paid far too much for! It was supermarkets and amazon all the way with the other two! We certainly didn’t need to buy more when the others were born and still have ‘nearly-new’ stuff to hand to my bro- if he ever has kids!! xx

  • Lol, it’s amazing the stuff you find you really don’t need – I agree with most of your list. We had loads of baby toys and then I ended up buying more for my youngest for her first Christmas because I felt I had to buy her toys too and it was quite ridiculous really. I loved the Moses basket though and being able to have it next to the bed although a co-sleeper cot does sound a lot better. They do outgrow those first clothes quickly though don’t they – my eldest was tiny so the newborn clothes did last a while but her big sister barely used them. I hardly used the baby monitor second time around and bibs with crumb catchers are brilliant. Thanks for linking up to #FamilyFun πŸ™‚

  • Ha ha, its true, as a new parent you end up buying so much stuff you dont need!!
    I have to say though our baby has loved his moses basket, and we have used it when we went to familys houses etc. We did struggle to transition him to the crib though, and now he has got so big and feeds so often he is co-sleeping with me anyway :S

    Lucy x

    • The transition to the crib can be a struggle. The Popple really took to it at first so we thought we were lucky, but a few days later she decided that she hated it and we spent the next few months co-sleeping, which was really hard because she woke up every hour or two. I don’t miss those days!

  • I was reading thinking that I was SURE I’ve read this already…glad you jogged the memory with the Rookie Mistake link at the end. Just as enjoyable second time around! Yes there are a few thing we wouldn’t have bought first time had we known…and then there were so many things I was baffled by. I remember getting in such a state about making sure I had lots of different sorts of cotton wool…I didn’t really know what I’d need each one for but I knew I’d read somewhere that I needed them! #stayclasssy

    • We used a lot of cotton wool in the early days for bum wiping because that’s what the midwife suggested using, but it just doesn’t work for explosive poos. Wet wipes all the way!

    • We’ll definitely re-sell some of the things that are in really good condition, like the Jumperoo. We’ll give the rest to a great charity store here in Glasgow that puts together starter packs for disadvantaged families and sells the excess donations in a shop.

  • Enjoyed this for a second time! We got lots of toys from my brother in law and loads of clothes from a friend so luckily we didn’t go too crazy with spending. It’s so easy to do though!! My brother in law had one of those amazing video monitors and I was like there is no way we are getting one of those as they just used to watch it all the time! Ridiculous. #StayClassy

    • It’s great that you were able to get toys and clothes from family – we were the first ones in our family to have a baby, so there were no hand-me-downs. That would have cut down on our excessive spending for sure!

  • Ah, the top and tail bowl! Why did I ever buy that? Was told by the midwife we needed one, so off we went! Totally with you on the moses basket too – if we have a second I’m getting a co-sleeper and forgetting the moses basket. I went the other way with the baby clothes though and hardly bought any newborn clothes – 0-3 months would do just as well I thought, better to have more of those. Turns out, my little guy was pretty small and even some of the newborn clothes swamped him! He was in them for ages. Lesson learned for me! #PoCoLo

    • A co-sleeper is the way to go for sure – you can use it for longer than a moses basket and it means you don’t have to bring your baby into the bed. Maybe for the next baby – if we have one…

  • hahaha! I didn’t know there was such a thing as a Wipe warmer!
    I bought so much that I didn’t need! I bought a bumbo seat my youngest used it once and my eldest got stuck in it. lol

  • I’m really superstitious so I’d bought nothing but the bare essentials for Marianna. Then once she was born and my mother-in-law brought round what looked like the entire stock of Mothercare. …Most of it was never worn / used, but at least my cousin got to be well stocked a few months later! πŸ˜‰

    I did buy a baby monitor myself and used it twice, tops. x #pocolo

  • Great post! I think we have all been there, but yes to the top and tail bowl. I don’t actually know anyone who’s used one!! At least you’ll know more next time around, lessons learned and all that! πŸ™‚ #PoCoLo

  • Hahahh yup the wipe warmer IS ridiculous, my friend got it as a present and I used it at her house and I don’t think it made one difference. Maybe it makes us feel like we are being better Mums because we’re not making our babies butts cool??? Lol Luckily, I didn’t have to buy a Moses basket, BUT I did buy the baby hammock and a few other contraptions to help him fall asleep and NONE of them worked. Such a waste, totally know how you feel. Thanks for linking up with #StayClassy!

    • I often wondered if we should have bought a baby hammock to help the Popple sleep – more likely than not, it would have been just another thing that we never used and ended up cluttering up the closet.

  • Haha, I think every first-time parent buys way more than they should, it’s all part of the learning process! It’s funny because those bibs with food catching pouches appeared just as LP didn’t need bibs anymore!! Great post, thanks for linking to #PoCoLo

  • I agree with all except the baby monitor. That absolutely saved us. It helped us actually put Osc in his own room, as there was no way I would be able to settle without seeing him in there. Like you, I also had a moses basket for ages, but I wish I had just put him in his cot straight away and saved the Β£100! X

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