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10 things mums of petite babies know to be true

Small baby with big eyes

I recently read a post on Scary Mommy called “10 Things Moms Of Chubby Babies Know To Be True.” I, as you may know, do not have a chubby baby, despite my best efforts. I wrote about it here. So here’s my version of this list:

1. People question if you know how old your baby is.

“How old is she?”

“Almost six months.”

“Really? She’s so tiny!”

Yes, really. I’m pretty sure I know how old my own baby is. Pushing her out of me was like taking a terrible 16-hour poo. Hard to forget a day like that.

2. Baby clothes sizes are all wrong.

For example, the 0-3 month clothes at Mothercare goes up to 14.5 lbs. At nearly 6 months, the Popple still isn’t 14.5 lbs. She’s of average length, however, so all the 0-3 month clothes are too short. That means we need to put her in 3-6 month clothes, which means most of her outfits look like brightly-coloured sacks with bows on them.

3. You’re obsessed with the stupid Red Book*.

“It doesn’t matter what centile your baby’s weight is on, as long as they’re following it consistently,” the nurses tell you. And yet you become obsessed with the weight chart in your Red Book, feeling a bit disappointed every time you get your baby weighed and see that they’re still hovering around the 9th centile.

*For all you non-Brits, the Red Book is a book where you chart your baby’s health and development up to 12 months. I assume all the important things (ie vaccination records) are also held in an NHS database, otherwise I’m not sure what will happen when I lose the Popple’s Red Book. Yup, I said ‘when’, not ‘if’. I lose my mobile phone on a daily basis. It’s only a matter of time before I lose this book.

4.  It’s surprisingly easy to carry your baby.

Pick them up. Toss them over your shoulder. Carry on doing stuff. You could almost forget that they’re there – except for all the squirming.

5. You’re used to semi-rude questions about your baby from strangers.

“Are you sure she’s getting enough to eat?”

Yes, I feed my baby as much as she wants whenever she wants. I’m not starving her because I want her to fit into her size newborn jeans.

“Was she premature?”

No, she was full term. Thanks for bringing up a potentially sensitive issue, though!

6. And comments about your own size.

“Well, you’re pretty small too,” they say. Little do they know that I’m only this thin because I’m on the unintentional baby diet: breastfeeding + hours of walking in order to get the baby to nap + not enough time to cook/eat proper meals = I can eat cake every day and not gain weight.

You probably want to punch me in the face right now. Trust me, I’m complaining about the cake thing. It’s pretty amazing, actually. I mean, all that sugar is still bad for me, but when you’re not sleeping and you’re hungry all the time, it’s hard to resist a nice slice of Victoria sponge.

7. Your baby will NOT STOP MOVING.

“You’re never going to gain any weight if you keep that up,” I say to the Popple as she windmills her arms and legs as fast as she can.

She responds by kicking harder. For the next 15 minutes. Non-stop.


8. There is nothing cuter than a tiny baby in a gigantic snowsuit.

Baby in a big snowsuit


9. Petite babies are easier to clean.

Fewer rolls = fewer places for poo and dust and drool to hide.

10. You find yourself repeating the phrase “Good things come in small packages.”

And you know what? It’s true. Bigger isn’t always better. Pocket-sized mobile phones are better than their clunky ancestors. Tapas are better than one main dish because you get to taste more food. And tiny babies are just as cute as their chunky counterparts.

Cute baby in a tartan dress


8 thoughts on “10 things mums of petite babies know to be true”

  • Ahhh she is so cute. Every baby is a different size, my first 2 boys were pretty chunky to be fair and a real lump to carry around. I’m hoping number three will be more petite when she arrives in Jan, just to save my back! #thelist

  • So brilliant! I had a mini baby and didn’t consider all these things, in retrospect definitely appreciate th easy cleaning. I remember being in a pub and someone saying aww he’s about four weeks right and I was like no four months and they gave me that ‘did you steal this baby’ look. #TheList

  • Loved this! I googled petite baby this morning and your blog came up. Googled because out of all the babies I’ve seen so far since having mine a year ago, there’s only one other petite one. I keep thinking other babies are months older than mine only to realise they are younger.

    I fully understand your comment about the windmilling arms and kicking legs. Mine did that all day long until she could sit up well on her own and moved on from air cycling. Talk about burning off everything I give her! We also have a similar snowsuit photo of ours (she could be taken out if it without it being unzipped almost!) and I also appreciate her being small as if struggle to carry her much otherwise (I sling a lot).

    Incidentally, looking at time scales, I think our babies are round about the same age. Am going to read more of your blog now.

  • Loved reading this post. I have 3 kids, the first was petite, the second average and now with my third I’ve already heard my mum say “aww you look like you’re going to be small” ??‍♀️, grrrr I just thought, seriously ?, out of all the cute things you could say. I heard it all with my first and really I’m not up to putting up with “small” comments about my third.

  • Your blog is hilarious! I like your sense of humor. 🙂
    Petit IS cute – why do people have to comment about it?! Then again, people will find a way to needle someone else over anything….

  • Hey,
    I’ve just read your post and its really really helped me…even if it is a few years old now.
    My little girl is coming up to 6 months old now and is only just over 13lbs, up until two days ago i was fairly happy with the fact the i have a “petite baby” until we started play group…other mums..oh isnt she small, was she premature, does she have issues gaining weight, when did you last weigh her, what does the health visitor think, you should go to the drop in clinic at the doctors and have a chat with them, im sure they can help, oh her onsie is age 2-4mths…..????
    Despite me holding my ground “shes just petite, shes growing well and putting on weight …im not worried” i now find myself in tears that im failing her, doing something wrong, should have eaten more during my pregnancy …googling other petite babies…weighing her to document it in that annoying red book….its nice to know im not alone.

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