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Ryan Gosling + cake = delicious

Just for you Baker Days cake tin

Confession: I didn’t used to be that into cake.

I didn’t dislike cake, but I had no problem resisting it. When people brought cake into work for people’s birthdays, I’d quietly slip a slice into a napkin while everyone else was eating it.

“I’m saving it for later,” I’d say, if they asked why I wasn’t having any. Usually, I’d bring it home and give it to my husband Adrian, who was the big cake eater in the house. I was more into savoury snacks. Cheese. Pretzels. Nuts.

This all changed when I got pregnant. Suddenly, I had a sweet tooth, and Adrian had someone to share his cake with. My love of cake continued after my daughter was born, and he was thrilled.

He was even more thrilled when I told him that Baker Days had offered to let me sample one of their 5” letterbox cakes.

“Want to get a cake in the post?” I said.

“YES,” he said.

“I ordered one with a topless Ryan Gosling on it,” I said.

He made a face.

“It’s sponge cake with buttercream icing,” I said.

“I’m into it,” he said.

Yup, that’s right. Baker Days offer a Ryan Gosling birthday cake – and it’s pretty spectacular.

Ryna Gosling Baker Days cake

I should point out that my birthday isn’t until August, but it totally doesn’t matter because RYAN GOSLING HAS NO SHIRT ON.

When the cake arrived in its cute little tin, complete with candles and balloons for my “birthday,” Adrian took it out and carefully sliced through Ryan’s torso.

Ryan Gosling Baker Days cake with two slices cut out

“You can have his abs,” he said, as though eating them might make him feel a little uncomfortable. He chose the slice with his head.

“I’m eating Ryan Gosling’s face,” he said cheerily.

“And how does it taste?” I asked.

“Mmm,” he said.

To me, the cake tasted like the birthday cakes of my childhood – a generous layer of icing, a simple sponge and just the right amount of sweetness.

But this one was better. After all, Ryan Gosling was on it.

Want a cake of your own delivered through your letterbox? Baker Days offer a wide range of cake designs (though the Ryan Gosling cake is by far the sexiest), with next-day delivery if you order before 2pm.

Check them out on the Baker Days website, or find them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


*Disclaimer: Baker Days very kindly provided me with a complimentary cake for the purposes of this review.

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