5 things I learned from taking a social media break


I recently took a bit of a social media break for personal reasons. I might talk about those reasons one day, but right now I’m going to talk about something else: what I learned from taking a breather from the constant scrolling/tweeting/liking cycle. I wouldn’t consider myself a social media addict, but as a blogger, […]

February 7, 2018

5 things bloggers need to stop doing right now


It all started with a little check box. I spotted it while doing a bit of blog commenting. The first one irked me. The second one had me swearing. By the time I got to the third one, I was ready for a little blog rant. Because it wasn’t just the box, not really. I’d […]

October 26, 2017

My blogging income and stats report


I’ve seen a lot of bloggers posting about their blogging income and social stats, and it’s always interesting having a nosey into how other people are doing. I figure it’s not fair to get all up in everyone else’s bloggy business without letting them get up in mine, so here it is. Social stats Twitter: […]

August 7, 2017

5 things I’ve learned in 2 years of blogging


I birthed this blog only a month after birthing my actual child, when I thought the concept of blogging about new motherhood was pretty clever and definitely not something that thousands of mothers were already doing way better than me. In a way, I can’t believe that my blog is still going two years later. […]

July 7, 2017

Am I a slummy mummy?


The recent Daily Mail article bemoaning the rise of the ‘slummy mummy’ movement really got me thinking. I don’t often say ‘Daily Mail’ and ‘thinking’ in the same sentence, but there’s a first time for everything. It didn’t get me thinking because the author has a point – she doesn’t, and The Unmumsy Mum explains […]

May 18, 2017

How to succeed in blogging without really writing


If you’ve come to this post looking for tips on how to become a super-successful blogger without having to put much effort into this whole writing-words business, then you’re about to be pretty disappointed. And if you appreciated the title’s reference to the 1950s Broadway musical about a window washer who becomes a successful businessman, hello, fellow […]

May 11, 2017

A blogger’s guide to how to not give a shit about SEO


A fellow blogger who is taking a digital marketing course was recently told that she needs to write more ‘how to’ posts for SEO purposes. That’s the sort of content that does well in search results, the teachers argued, so that’s what bloggers should be writing. So, as a digital marketing professional and fellow blogger, […]

May 1, 2017

I’m going to Blog On MSI


I’m going to my first blogging conference next month – Blog On in Manchester. This is a sort of getting-to-know-you post that all the attendees are meant to do, so in theory when we turn up we’ll be less intimidated by all the strangers. I’m super socially awkward, so I’m probably going to be pretty terrified of everyone anyway. […]

April 22, 2017