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Should I be blogging about cats instead?

Should I be blogging about cats instead?

The Popple looked at the back cover of her current favourite book, “Mog the Forgetful Cat,” and pointed to the photo of author Judith Kerr.

“Mummy,” she said.

I looked at the photo.

Judith Kerr with Mog on her lap

Glasses and a cat on her lap. I conceded her point.

“No, that’s not Mummy,” I said. “That’s the lady who wrote this book. Mummy wishes she had written a famous children’s book about a cat. Then we would have lots of money and could live in a big house.”

The Popple considered this.

“Cat,” she said, finally.

This is where I’d been going wrong, I realised. Here I am, spending my free time bashing out blog posts about toddler crap that hardly anyone reads, when cats are where the money is. The internet loves cats. I bet if my blog was about my cat instead of my child, I’d have thousands of followers. My cat is a ridiculous a-hole. I could fill a blog with pictures of him doing a-hole things with stupid memes written on them and get more page views in a day than I currently do in a year. Observe:

Tomorrow you get to play 'Find the ribbon in my poop. Merry Christmas' written over a cat eating a Christmas tree

Or maybe I should jump on the hygge bandwagon and start writing about that. I could do comfy and charming – candles and knitted throw blankets and all that. If you ignore the fact that my living room looks like Toys “R” Us vomited all over it, it kind of has that hygge feel. It even has a stone fireplace. Yeah, the actual fire bit is electric and yeah, the effect is kind of ruined by all the toys underneath it, but still. Cozy!

Electric fireplace with toys and Christmas cards around it

Or what about vampires? I wondered. Are they still cool? Or are teenagers into werewolves now? Zombies have been a thing for a while now, right? I should scrap this whole blogging thing and write a teen novel about a zombie falling in love with a werewolf. I could call it Undead Hearts Unbred. Adults love teen stuff these days too, so it could easily be a hit. Anna Kendrik could play the zombie and Chris Pratt could be her werewolf love interest in the film version. They’d be cute together, right?

“Mummy,” the Popple said. I looked down.

“What is it?” I asked her. Then I realised she was pointing at Judith again.

FFS. I give up.

“Yes, Mummy,” I said.

I’m no Judith Kerr yet, but I could be. Maybe my success is only a cat meme away.

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20 thoughts on “Should I be blogging about cats instead?”

  • Oh this really made me laugh out loud! maybe you are really Judith Kerr but trying your luck at blogging! Just hilarious. Oh and the cat thing – the amount of people that have said I should start a blog about my miniature daschund – cheers peeps! Maybe we shouldn’t jest – maybe this is the year of pope’s cat and justsayingdaschund! #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Haha, yes there is definitely a whole industry about writing about / photographing / videoing animals. Nice to have a back-up. Also, perhaps you could ‘pretend’ to be Judith and do some book signings?! #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Hahaha!! This totally made me laugh of loud! Love it! I’ve also considered this too about the cats in my life! But more to the point – I would love to see Anna Kendrick and Chris Pratt in your movie…! 2017 Goals?! X

  • Hahaha!! This totally made me laugh of loud! Love it! I’ve also considered this too about the cats in my life! But more to the point – I would love to see Anna Kendrick and Chris Pratt in your movie…! 2017 Goals?! X

  • I have always planned to incorporate my two cats into my blog but other than one post where I introduced us all, they’ve not had much on an input. Funnily enough though, Monday I have one about a product “they reviewed”.
    Maybe like me, pop a cat post in every so often?? would be interesting to see if our views go up with the cats being included? That will give us the answer of whether we’ve been going wrong all along haha! #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Hahah! I would not read your blog if it was about cats, I’m allergic, so obviously I’m a cat magnet! I am ontreagued about your book though, when are you going to get it published? I feel I have a zombie werewolf shaped hole in my book shelf. Although, do you think you could fit a vampire in there somewhere, you can’t really have that kind of book without a vampire 😀

  • Haha yes! Cat memes seem to go crazy don’t they? I’m not a cat person, dogs all the way here, so they never really appeal to me, but cute furry animals in general are a great way to get peoples attention! Thanks for linking up to #fortheloveofblog

  • Hahahahahaha…you made me laugh so hard this morning! I’m in. Whatever it is. Zombies married to a Werewolf BY a Priest CAT…OMG..boom. Your a bazillionaire now! Loved your post today. #EatSleepBlogRT

  • Don’t stop.doing what you do! There may be one person out there who relies on you to remind them they’re normal and life is ok! Besides, cats are dickheads (I’m a professional, I have two)

    Pretty much no one reads my blog but I know it’s keeping me sane and that’s what’s important. Yours is a good blog, don’t sell out to cats!

  • lo, maybe that’s true, maybe I should do that, I have 3 cats, yes 3 I know nuts right! Don’t ever let me go to another pet rescue centre again!!!!!!!! I also have 2 dogs and 2 bunnies, yep nuts! #eatsleepblogRT

  • Haha what is it with cats? I do actually have a cat – despite being allergic to them, and she is also a bit of an A-hole. Maybe your A-hole cat and mine could have A-hole adventures together? And possibly fall in love with each other, and then one could turn into a zombie and one could turn into a vampire, or a Weretiger? What if there were Weretigers? Why should the canine family have all the fun? Love it! Thanks for linking with #DreamTeam x

  • This post made me giggle, especially the bit about the fireplace – I think you might have to move the Toys R Us vomit and place some deer ornaments and knitted thinks around it before you can blog about hygge though!
    I was thinking yesterday that perhaps I should just blog about cats. I wrote an article about my cat the other day and it’s had my highest like rate of the blog posts I’ve written so far…cats do seem to run the internet! #FortheloveofBLOG

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