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My blogging income and stats report

My blogging income and stats report

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers posting about their blogging income and social stats, and it’s always interesting having a nosey into how other people are doing. I figure it’s not fair to get all up in everyone else’s bloggy business without letting them get up in mine, so here it is.

Social stats

Twitter: Far more than I should have, considering I put exactly zero into growing my Twitter following. I suspect they’re mostly bots.

Facebook: A few friends and family members, plus a handful of bloggers who followed me because they wanted me to follow them. You’re killing me, FB.

Instagram: Somehow almost as many followers as I have on Facebook, despite posting only sporadically, forgetting to use hashtags and almost never engaging with anyone else.

Pinterest: No.

YouTube: Also no. Yes, I know that videos get good engagement. Yes, I know that by 2019, 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be video. But I find it very hard to believe that anyone wants to listen to me say anything in my weird accent. I sound like an American who swallowed an Irish person, despite having never lived in Ireland. It makes no sense.


July: Fuck all.

June: Fuck all.

May: Fuck all.

Okay, so I’ve earned exactly nothing from my blog since the day I started it over two years ago – and lately I’m starting to wonder whether I’m missing a trick.

This whole not-earning thing has been a conscious decision. It’s not like PRs are tripping over themselves to work with me, but I do occasionally get offers. I tend to just ignore them, because I’ve always felt like this blog is MY space. I can shout about the things that I care about, poke fun at toddlerhood and swear freely. I’m afraid if I start publishing content because people are paying me to – not because I want to – it will become a little less mine. I like my freedom.

But here’s the thing…I also like money.

I’m not going to pretend I couldn’t use some extra cash. With nursery fees eating up the majority of my paycheck, there’s not a lot of spare change to go around these days. There’s a little part of me (the part that’s familiar with my bank balance) that says, “Come on. All you have to do is whack up a few sponsored posts, promote them to your tens of Facebook followers, and you could earn a couple hundred quid.” And that part of me has a fair point.

But I’m still not sure if it’s worth it.

I have nothing but respect for bloggers who throw themselves into their blogs, build them up and earn a living from them, but that turns blogging into WORK. I don’t want it to feel like work. My digital marketing job is my work. Blogging is my play. It’s a weird kind of play – one that sometimes involves very un-fun things like broken links reports and Hootsuite scheduling – but it’s the right kind of play for me, a writer without the patience or attention span to tackle a book.

Are there any other bloggers out there who aren’t earning from their blogs and have no plans to? For those who are earning an income from blogging, how do you keep it fun?

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25 thoughts on “My blogging income and stats report”

  • I was a little shocked when I saw the title bit figured it meant you were going to make me laugh!! Love your writing! Now want to hear you speak please!!

    • Thanks so much! Honestly, my accent is really weird – people tend to think I’m Irish or sometimes Canadian, because I don’t have a strong New York accent, but it’s very obvious I’m not Scottish.

  • Me me me! All the way! Actually I lie…. I did a bit for Debenhams which gave my mum and I a little shopping trip for Mothers Day (because Debenhams and because Mum.) Otherwise through… ME ME ME! Like you’ve said here, I get the odd (random and sporadic) approach and just feel a bit “meh” about it all. It pleases the hubby greatly as you can imagine. In fact every time I mention the blog now he just grunts and replies “Show me the money!” Love this – totally brilliant! x

  • Hi, reading this made me chuckle. I keep seeing how much I’ve earned from my blog appearing in my timelines. This made a refreshing change ? #dreamteam

  • Love, love, love. This is me as well. To be honest I would like to earn from my blog (we all like money) but working means I don’t have the time or energy, plus when my mind is full of work stuff I can’t think about anything else so thinking of things to write becomes a challenge.

  • I too thought you were going to spout some amazing figures and I would sigh!!! Fab post haha. I too blog for a hobby. I’m a bit too addicted to Twitter but apart from that, I dont really do social media! In fact, my Fb page is looking rather sad! I have a job already but I’m mightily impressed by those blogging people who do earn from their blog. #Dreamteam

  • Same – never earned any money from my blog, and same as you I’d like a bit of extra cash, but I think I’d rather just keep my blog as my space , given im unlikely to end up being one of the few who makes a good living from it

  • When I saw the title to this post and sea it was you I was a bit sceptical, not because I don’t think your blog is brilliant and you could be earning from it but because it just didn’t sound like the funny kind of post I’m used to reading on your blog. Turns out that it is one of your brilliant posts disguised by a deceiving title. I earn sporadically from my blog and while I enjoy brand work I do miss the days where I could blog completely freely with no pressures of deadlines or making sure my posts and perfect. Good luck if you do decide to start replying to those prs xx #dreamteam

  • I do and I don’t earn from my blog. Because of work pressures I’ve decided to pitch my blog post rate card pretty high so I rarely get the work but when I do, at least the price is high enough to motivate me 😀 but yeah I know what you mean about a hobby. It is nice to have my own space in which I can do or not do anything I want. Loved the post though!

  • I’m just starting to earn from my blog. I’m quite picky with what work I accept and I drive a hard bargain because I’m happy to walk away if it’s not worth my time. I find it fun because I feel proud of what I’m achieving. But I can totally understand why you don’t fancy it – I think I would feel very differently if I was sat working all day and then had to work on my blog too. As it is, I’m a stay at home mum, and so I quite like the chance to exercise my brain and “work” when I get the chance 🙂 #dreamteam

  • Bet your Facebook stats aren’t as crap as mine! Lovely post that made us all feel a little better about the day. A refreshing change, well done you! xx

  • every few months I’m able to land a sponsored post for a few bucks, just enough to pay my hosting fees and make me feel successful. I never make anything from affiliate links but don’t push it either, like I think you have to. screw it #blogginggoodtime

  • I did wonder when I saw the title of this, and clicked on it hoping beyond hope that it wouldn’t be what I was fearing. Thank you! Absolutely bloody hilarious, as always. It’s a bit like talking about your salary, kinda awkward and a bit cringe! #stayclassymama

  • Oh, you had me rolling! I was taken aback by all the stats and such out there. It looks like we have a very similar income stream! Hah! Oy vey… #ablogginggoodtime is what it is all about, right? Brilliant <3

  • Loved this! I don’t know what I find stranger, people whose blogs turn into basically adverts for whoever will pay them or those who make posts telling the world how much they’ve earned…give me a blog with soul any day.

  • Ha ha, love it. I earn the odd bit here and there and I would like to earn more in the future, but if I ever find any of the assignments boring and not fun I turn them down, life’s too short and my blog is my happy place x

  • I earn a good income from my blog but it doesn’t feel like work – my blog is my fourth baby! Although people are paying me to publish content it’s still content I want to publish – I almost always write it myself & if I don’t I’ve edited it so much I might as well have done. I see getting paid as an achievement – people want to pay to reach my audience, which I’ve grown – and therefore I find it satisfying! #ablogginggoodtime

  • Haha very funny! I’ve just started to make a teeny tiny odd bit here and there but will only do it for stuff I like or that fits. If it’s random it just takes the authenticity away and I’m sure turns people off. #Ablogginggoodtime

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