Are you a Flexi Mama?

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Being a working mother is HARD.

Yes, being a working father is hard too. But let’s face it – women are still the ones who are most likely to cut back on work after having children. We’re the ones who miss out on promotions because we’re part time, or settle for lower-paid jobs that offer the flexibility that we need. And 29% of us drop out of the workforce all together after having a baby because it’s not financially worth it to return to work.

My Flexi Mamas guest series highlights stories from women about the barriers that they face relating to work. Why Flexi Mamas? Because that’s what we need – a bit of flex. More flexible employers. More flexible job opportunities. More flexible (and less eye-wateringly expensive) childcare options.

These are real issues, and we need to talk about them more. Things need to change. Us mamas deserve better.

Meet the Flexi Mamas and read their stories:

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