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I’m Katie, an Americanish mother/digital content nerd/serial blogger. American because I grew up in New York, -ish because I’ve been living in Britain for over a decade, mostly in Glasgow. It’s very wet here but Glaswegian swearing is hilarious, so that kind of makes up for it. Yer maw’s got baws.

As a working mother, I’m passionate about advocating for better flexible working and childcare options for mums. As a woman and vagina-owner, I’m passionate about feminism. As a parent, I think raising a kid can be funny and weird. I write about all this stuff. Also cheese. Cheese is the best.

What’s with your blog name?

My husband and I started calling our daughter the Popple because when she was a baby, she would curl up in a ball on my chest like the popular 1980s toy. Remember Popples? They were marsupial-like stuffed animals that had pouches on their backs that they could roll up into. Brightly coloured and unintentionally creepy, they had names like Potato Chip, Putter and Pretty Bit. The 1980s were a weird time.

And the squirmy bit? Basically, this kid never sits still. Her energy is insane. My whole life revolves around trying to keep up.

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