6 reasons why grandmas are the best


  1. They don’t mind if the baby pulls their hair then licks their face. In fact, they recognise this as the great compliment that it is.
  2. They know that a baby can never have too many books, even if the baby primarily uses these books for chewing purposes.
  3. They’re the only ones besides your partner who are genuinely interested when you start talking about the color and frequency of your baby’s poo.
  4. They believe that your baby is a genius. Nothing will convince them otherwise, even when the baby licks the couch or tries to eat toilet paper.
  5. They’re willing to babysit so you and your partner can enjoy a meal out together. Alone! In a restaurant! With beer!
  6. They did all this baby stuff for you once. Comforted you when you cried at 4am. Cleaned up your poonamis. Read you the same book over and over until they wanted to poke their eyes out. Made you dinner then watched you throw it on the floor. They are superheroes.

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  1. This is lovely, and very true. My mum is “nana” and it makes me so happy to know that I have given her five beautiful grandchildren for her to love and enjoy. And be licked by! Thanks for sharing. #TheBabyFormula

    1. My mom is so happy when she spends time with the Popple and I’m sure she’d love more grandchildren – I doubt I’ll ever give her five though!

  2. Grandmothers are indeed the best! For my mother we can add to the list, “looks after my son 3 days a week,” as so many grandparents do nowadays, and even “takes in their 35 year old single parent daughter and her child” so I don’t know where I would be without her really! She is utterly convinced that I never threw my dinner on the floor though (and seems continually astonished that my son does it). What the mind forgets! #thebabyformula

  3. Totally agree. Although I am a bit jel of your free babysitting! They even tolerate ill grandchildren, knowing they will catch it 3 days later! Big up Grandma’s! #abitofeverything

    1. The free babysitting is only for his week – sadly, Grandma flies back home on Sunday. I wish the grandparents lived closer!

  4. Gosh so true! My mother always says my daughter is ‘just so bright!’ which I follow up with aren’t you a little bias and she says ‘NO!’. A grandparent’s love is so special. I would also add that grandmas are great because they will offer and often insist on changing dirty diapers 🙂 #BestAndWorst

    1. Agreed – getting someone else to take on diaper duty is the best!

  5. I have such great memories of my grandmother from when I was a kid. It makes me happy to see mine making the same.

  6. Aren’t they just wonderful species!!I’m so, so pleased we now live closer to ours 🙂 Lovely post and thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst x

  7. agentspitback says: Reply

    Ah, what a lovely post! So true – Grandmas are indeed the best! Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

  8. Absolutely spot on! I am all those things Lol. I email my daughter in law every day describing his latest poo (I have him while she and my son work). I know he’s the brightest baby ever. Licking faces and pulling hair, bring it on. I just love it #abitofeverything

    1. Love it! I know my mum would do the same thing – and I’d definitely look forward to those poo emails!

  9. It is so great that you have your parents supports nearby. My parents are back in Thailand – so my kids aren’t so lucky to experience these affections enough. But we are very excited to be going back this Easter and we can’t wait for our Evelyn to meet her grands for the first time. Hopefully, things will go well. Thanks for sharing. #TheBabyFormula

  10. Ha ha! Love this, 3 + 4 are true to my heart, my Mom thinks my baby is the smartest baby in the world and I talked to her for what felt like 3 hours about poo, was probably only 30 minutes (ha ha ONLY 30 mins!) #thebabyformula

    1. I never thought I could talk about poo so much – but it changes so much from day to day. Especially since we started the Popple on solids. Now poo is REALLY interesting – and gross.

  11. newmummyblogcom says: Reply

    Awwwww lovely post! This is all so true and I think they really love every second of it 😀
    Thanks for linking up and hope you can next week too #TheBabyFormula

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