Let’s be honest – kids can be the worst

My awesome friend Stephanie recently made a plea on Facebook for people to be more honest on social media about what it can be like to be a parent. We share photos of our children looking adorable, but we shy away from sharing the less photo-worthy moments. The crying. The tantrums. The messes. We don’t need to shout about every meltdown, but parenting can be tough, and we shouldn’t be afraid to admit that.

So here’s a picture of the Popple looking really cute in her snowsuit.

Popple in a snowsuit

And here’s a picture of her five minutes beforehand, when she threw a fit as I put her into the snowsuit. This happens EVERY DAY.

Crying Popple in a snowsuit

While I’m fighting the battle of the snowsuit, another mother somewhere is trying to convince her screaming baby to sleep in their cot, or listening to her toddler howl because she won’t let them eat ice cream for breakfast. We’re all going through something, and it helps to know that you’re not the only one whose kid is driving you batsh*t crazy.

So let’s keep sharing the good times, but let’s be open about the not-so-good times too. We’re all in this together.

9 Replies to “Let’s be honest – kids can be the worst”

  1. Yep yep yep. Just this! Those airbrushed angelic pics that we all see aren’t fooling any of us. Let’s enjoy the angelic moments but let’s not try and kid each other. We all spend the other 95% of the day wiping snot off our jeggings. 🙂
    Dawn x #coolmumclub

    1. Ah, jeggings. Where would I be without them?

      (Trouserless – I literally only wear jeggings/leggings. All the time. Even when I’m being fancy.)

  2. Amen. You, my dear, just passed the initiation of #coolmumclub. Love you already…thanks for joining us xxx

    1. Thanks – looking forward to linking up again!

  3. Haha – love it! Yes, people do often put the rose tinted view on social media, don’t they? It does amuse me a little when I see what picture some people whose realities I know pretty well paint on facebook! It’s funny when you know the truth, but of course less so for anyone who believes that this is really these people’s lives & that they therefore must be doing it wrong! I don’t actually put anything on my personal social media about my kids, one way or the other. Of course I do on my blog, but I tend to go with the funny so I think it’s quite neutral as to whether good or bad. Hopefully therefore I am not too guilty of rose tinting! 😀 #coolmumclub

    1. I try to show the funny side too – which includes the good and bad stuff. But if you based your ideas about parenting just based on people’s Facebook/Instagram accounts, it looks like a piece of cake!

  4. Couldn’t agree more, I’m all about sharing the not so good times. God knows they’re just as frequent. #coolmumclub

  5. I always think about this – everyone posts all the ‘perfect’ pictures and all the happy moments, but to go alongside those happy moments there are a huge amount of unhappy ones. #effitfriday

  6. Yes! For every smile there has been a tear off someone in the house!!!

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