The Popple has entered a stage of development that I like to call IN DA MOUF.

My clothes? IN DA MOUF.

Popple eating my skirt

Muslin? IN DA MOUF.

Popple eating a muslin

Sophie the Giraffe? IN DA MOUF. (At least this one is supposed to go IN DA MOUF.)

The Popple eating Sophie the Giraffe

Hands? IN DA MOUF.

Popple's hands in her mouth

Stuffed animal? IN DA MOUF.

Popple eating a stuffed animal

Daddy? IN DA MOUF.

Popple chewing on Daddy's arm

So cute. So unhygienic. So. Much. Drool.

5 Replies to “IN DA MOUF”

  1. Cute 🙂 my daughter is in that stage too. Mommies shirts taste the best to get lol

  2. Such a little cutie-pie!!

  3. I think the Popple’s favourite is the Mommy/Daddy arm chow. Being covered in baby drool is kind of gross, but it makes her REALLY happy.

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  5. […] The rhythm of the instruments is supposed to help develop your baby’s senses. All I know is that I spend most of the class trying to stop the Popple from the putting the instruments #INDAMOUF. […]

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