If my baby could talk: a conversation about walking

…and she’s off.

Popple: I’m just going to go get that buttony thing over there.

Me: First of all, that ‘buttony thing’ is the TV remote, and it doesn’t go in your mouth.

Popple: I didn’t say anything about putting it in my mouth.

Me: So you’re not planning to chew on the remote?

Popple: No.

[I stare at her.]

Popple: Okay, I am.

Me: I knew it. Second of all, you know you can’t walk, right?

Popple: BUTTONS! [Starts trying to walk across the room towards the remote. I support her under her arms reluctantly.]

Me: Haven’t you heard of crawling? You know, the method of transport favoured by almost all babies since forever?

Popple: This is better. [Grabs the remote and puts it in her mouth.]

Me: Yeah, walking is great, but you can’t do it yet. If you’re not going to crawl, you can at least try cruising. You know, when you practice walking while holding onto a piece of furniture.

Popple: Like this? [Starts side-stepping while holding onto the coffee table.]

Me: Exactly! See, this is how you learn how to get your balance, and then…

Popple: MORE BUTTONS! [Sees the Amazon Fire remote and grabs it, letting go of the table. I catch her before she falls.]

Me: That’s why you need to hold on to something! What if I hadn’t been here to catch you?

Popple: But you were. You always are.

Me: You’re right, I am. It’s kind of my job.

Popple: I’m going to go slap the bag of recycling in the kitchen.

Me: Why?

Popple: Makes a good noise.

Me: Fair enough.

[The Popple starts walking to the kitchen and I hold her steady, because I’m a mum and that’s what we do.]

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  1. The Anxious Dragon says: Reply

    Bless, she obviously has complete faith in your ability to catch her and keep her safe. #Fartglitter

  2. I remember that killer back ache stage so well! #FartGlitter

  3. Gorgeous and hilarious- I like this wee one 🙂


  4. Hahhahhaaa! But mommy, that’s what those buttons are for. In.my.mouth. 😉 Hilarious post. Well done in trying to get into your kid’s head. 😀 #fartglitter

  5. Hah! I remember this phase. Everything in the mouth and trying to walk before they’re ready. She’s right though, we are always there to catch them! #Fartglitter

  6. Argh the trying to walk stage! Piglet did this. He would just walk around for ages without letting go. I would spend forever just supporting him walking. Eventually he did walk independently, but it felt like I was waiting forever for it to happen. #fartglitter

    1. She seems really confident, but I’m not ready to let her go on her own just yet. I want those legs to be a little steadier first!

  7. Good luck! This stage kills your back!

    1. It definitely does – my back hurts in places I didn’t know I had!

  8. Haha. this is very cute!. a penny for their thoughts, ey? Thanks for sharing.

  9. Brilliant! Loved this… and what’s the obsession with remotes? Or phones? Or hoovers? Or anything that’s not a toy basically? 🙂 #abitofeverything

    Nadia – ScandiMummy x

    1. I know! The Popple has pretty much lost interest in all of her toys and only wants to play with regular objects – remotes, phones, DVDs, etc. I’m glad we spent so much money on fun, educational toys. Sigh.

  10. Haha love this! Oh she sounds brilliant. I have so much to look forward to – my husband was a bum shuffled so I may end up with one of those! #abitofeverything

  11. This is fab, thanks for sharing. I love this stage. #abitofeverything

  12. Bwahahaha…loved this!! Hilarious! #abitofeverything

  13. What a great post, it really made me smile! Good luck with your little ones walking! Mummy to the rescue 🙂 xxx #Abitofeverything

  14. I remember that I between stage well. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

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