Me holding the Popple who has a stick of celery

I’m Katie, an Americanish mum/mom. American because I grew up in New York, -ish because I’ve been living in Britain for about a decade, mostly in Glasgow. It’s very wet here but Glaswegian swearing is hilarious, so that kind of makes up for it.

You can find out more about me in my Leibster Award post and my Vogue 73 questions non-vlog.

What’s with your blog name?

This is the Popple.

Isla doing the Popple

My husband and I started calling her Popple because she would curl up in a ball on my chest like the popular 1980s toy. Remember Popples? They were marsupial-like stuffed animals that had pouches on their backs that they could roll up into. Brightly coloured and unintentionally creepy, they had names like Potato Chip, Putter and Pretty Bit. The 1980s were a weird time.

Anyway, I lived in Chester for a few years before the Popple came along, and I used to blog about my adventures in England and Wales and the food I ate along the way. Then I had a baby, and I realised that my adventures would be different from now on. Just taking the Popple to the supermarket is an adventure. In fact, taking her ANYWHERE is an adventure. So is learning how to stop her crying, how to stay awake during 4am feeds and how to get poo stains out of sleep suits. My world is so much smaller these days, but so much richer. Also louder. Man, this girl has a powerful set of lungs.

Join me as I try to figure out this whole parenting thing, one awkward baby step at a time.

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  1. Julia Mcgonigal says: Reply

    How did I not know that about your brilliant writing?! Thanks for the laugh. Your blog is my “go to” for the 4 am feedings.

  2. I love the 80s! Mainly the music, the fashion not so much. Nice to meet you, Katie.
    This is for you – from one parent still figuring it all out to another.
    (Sorry, hate to “spam” with links, but it’s in the rules)

    1. Thanks – some really interesting questions!

      1. Most welcome! Hope you’ll be responding. Otherwise, no obligations whatsoever!

  3. Hi Katie, will drop you an email now about working together. Love your blog! Amy

  4. Your blog is my new fave! Love your writing 🙂 x

    1. Squirmy Popple says: Reply

      Thanks – I think yours is brilliant too!

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